Living with help.

First time abroad. I don’t know anything right or left.
I didn’t do any research on the internet, and my English was limited to what I had learned in junior high school.
I didn’t know any local information at all, so I took off.
But it was fun.

Then I decided to go back to Japan.

Just before I flew from Zurich airport in Switzerland to Japan, I was told.
‘You have to be printed on a special Corona form designated for Japan. I am afraid you cannot fly.”

I had taken a PCR test at Zurich airport and had also been issued with a negative certificate.
But he said he couldn’t let me on board without the Japanese designation on paper.

I don’t even know what exactly he was talking about, but I was stunned that I couldn’t go home again.
Another male staff member spoke Japanese,
‘A Japanese friend of mine was in the same situation. Just a piece of paper.”
He sympathised with me.

Ten minutes to go, no more time to go home.

So a Japanese man and the female staff member who had initially helped me gave me desperate support.
She tried to persuade the staff in English and asked me what I should do if I couldn’t get on.
Her kindness brought tears to my eyes.

The time for the flight had already passed.
It was never overturned and the flight was no good.

Suddenly, the female staff member started calling me angrily.
I didn’t understand it at the time, but apparently she was trying to do something for me.

Someone who looked like a supervisor came and stamped.
‘Go!’ And one word.

Thanks to that, I was able to fly.

I don’t even know their names.
They probably don’t know me either.
If I see them again, I will tell them.

Thank you for saving my life!”

I live with help.