Memorandum of a journey around the world.

The theme for 2022 was ‘Experience‘.
In retrospect, it could be paraphrased as ‘journey’.

‘If it’s boring after a week, we’ll quit.’
That’s how I started.

The coincidences that happen in the area, the joy of connecting with people.
I feel that most of my trips were nothing.
But is there really nothing there?
I now think that everything I did was meaningful, so that something would happen, so that the future would be triggered.

Travelling makes a virtuous circle for both you and the world.
In one year, I travelled 70,000 kilometres.
I write down various events as a reminder.


I started my journey.

  • First workcation while freezing in Ibaraki. I couldn’t do a workcation because my hands were too numb.
  • One in Kanazawa, who took me sightseeing in Kanazawa when I tweeted. Round the Noto Peninsula. Nature, delicious food and a hot spring bath afterwards.
  • Learn about Ainu culture in Tokushima. On the way back, I received a lot of oranges.
  • Hear from the president about the relationship between work and people in Mima.
  • Stayed at a guesthouse in Okayama and was invited for a company tour. Saw an owl and a tortoise.
  • Camping in Karadomari. Baked marshmallows, bonfires and music. Drinking and laughing with strangers. One meeting at a time.
  • Cycling round Yakushima. Tankan picking and radio exercises. Listening to tofu producers and making tofu sweets.
  • Camera camp in Wakayama. Touching all kinds of cameras and lenses.
  • Tuna, hot spring and nature experience in Nachikatsuura. I have fond memories of talking about things from the staff’s point of view.
  • I went to a co-working space in Mie that I had been told about. It was closed.
  • DIY in a house in the middle of nowhere in Shizuoka, learning how to cut wood. I grew as much as I was scolded.
  • Yatsugatake at night. It was pitch black, we couldn’t see anything, we couldn’t see the road because of the snow, and we walked on ice. I felt my life was in danger.
  • Encountering goats.
  • Invited to a local bar in Tono. It was thick. I remember the radio playing in the whole town at night.
  • After touring the disaster area in Ishinomaki, I experienced an earthquake of intensity 6+. Sirens blaring at night. All public transport stopped. The next day, I walked about 20 km to Sendai.
  • Went to Okinawa for a training camp. Met a top salesman. I only wanted to meet him, but even an hour before the meeting, no meeting time or place had been arranged. I was inconvenienced.
  • Breathed the air of Ishigaki Island. Wanted to go to Hateruma Island, but the flight was cancelled due to waves.
  • I went to my hometown Hiroshima with a stopover. I’m glad my parents are doing well.
  • Onsen tour in Atami.
  • Work in Izu Shimoda.
  • Onsen in Minakami. Recommend the café in front of the station – if you go three times, you get a recommended snack for the day.
  • Drinks with friends who have moved to Sapporo. Invite friends from Tokyo to join you for a drink.
  • Get in touch with nature, such as Lake Shikotsu and Cape Kamui. Hokkaido is bigger than I imagined. You need a car to get around.
  • Helped clean and paint a guesthouse in Saga. I remember going out at night.
  • Participated in a camping festival in Karatsu, where I stayed as a VIP.
  • I travelled around Kyushu on the way.
  • A cat greeted me at the inn in Nagasaki. It was very moving. Meeting the people who make Miyako Island so exciting.
  • Worked at the top of Mt Aso, WiFi works. The wind was too strong to work.
  • Came to Kagoshima. Nothing special.
  • We met an IT president in Miyazaki. We had a good time talking about cow poo.
  • Usuki is a good town with old townscape such as old houses. We made a mistake in the number of nights we stayed and were kicked out of the inn.
  • Drinking in Fukuoka Tagawa. The person I was talking to next to me was a Fukuoka Prefecture councillor. The next day, he took me sightseeing. Thanks.
  • Went to a remote island in Fukuoka. You can experience the city and the countryside.
  • Creators’ camp in Izu Shimoda. All kinds of creators gather. Organised a tuna dismantling show. I held tuna for the first time. It was heavy.
  • Went to Minakami with friends. I was surprised at the connections between people there. This is why life is so interesting.

First time abroad.

  • At Haneda Airport, the CA told me I was light.
  • Happy to have WiFi and power available about Doha International Airport. I guess it wasn’t a matter of course.
  • I arrived in the Czech Republic. Excited. The first word I spoke was “Nedved”. They looked at me like I was Japanese.
  • I didn’t know how to get on public transport, but everyone else was getting on, so I got on too. I was riding without paying.
  • I drank Pilsner Urquell. It was really good.
  • The word I learnt was Dobryden.
  • Prague’s old town is spectacular.
  • I stayed at an inn run by Japanese people. Hearing Japanese made me a little moist.
  • Listened to stories about the current situation in the Czech Republic, visa acquisition and the ryokan industry while eating wieners.
  • On the long-distance train, I get tangled up with people. I don’t understand what they are saying.
  • We went to Knajatla, which was recommended by the Czech Tourism Ambassador. All I see are skeletons.
  • Meet a famous illustrator in Germany. Love the way he thinks. Would love to meet him again.
  • Witnessing diversity in Berlin.
  • Work in the mecca of digital nomads.
  • Trash everywhere.
  • Sightseeing in Germany with a friend – tears of joy because I couldn’t get into a restaurant on my own.
  • The word I learnt is dankeschen.
  • People in Germany, everyone seems to be doing what they love.
  • I ask a stranger to show me around the city. I think it would have been more fun if I could have understood the language.
  • My regret in Germany is that I didn’t get to go to the sauna.
  • Beautiful lakes in Austria.
  • To Zermatt, Switzerland. Riding the Glacier Express. I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be.
  • Dog owner said, “Isn’t he cute? They’re sheep, you know?” He said. Yes, it’s fuzzy.
  • Prices are very high. Fanta cost 500 yen.
  • In Zurich, I befriended a young man who jumped into the river. He said, “Watch me!” I cheered him on.
  • It was a rare sight to see so many people in swimming costumes around the river.
  • Checking in three times at Zurich airport.
  • At the last minute of boarding the plane, I was told that I would not be allowed to board unless I printed the Corona results on a piece of paper specified by Japan, and I was at a loss. Cried.

Return to Japan.

  • I came back to Japan and went to my home in the Holy Land of Nowhere.
  • The return trip was to Tokyo, but we decided to get off at the 37th highway IC. I arrived in Nara Prefecture. It was the other side.
  • We visited four inns in Nara. All were refused. Moved to Kyoto to look for one. When I went outside, it was raining. I decided to go back to Tokyo.
  • Had dinner with a great writer in Okayama. We talked about married life. Significant.
  • A wedding ceremony of a senior university student in Shimane. My first comment after a long time was “You’ve gained weight”.
  • Workcation festival in Fukuoka.
  • Met a university student from medical school at a guesthouse in Tenjin. I see they have all sorts of problems.
  • I go to the Okinawa Prefectural Government. Listened to them talking about the remote island DX project. Amazing. Fun.
  • Attended a meeting of the biggest names in travel in Kanazawa. Heart-sweating experience. I can’t get enough of it.
  • Had an evening drink with someone I spoke to for a minute a year ago. I felt like it was fate.

I think I understand a bit.

A wanderer around the world said.
‘For me, going to the convenience store is a journey too.’
I thought I understood that a little.