[Czech Republic] Drinking good beer at Restaurace U Pinkasů

‘If you’re in the Czech Republic, you should definitely mention this place! It’s the first place in the world to make and serve Pilsner Urquell!”
A beer-loving friend of mine told me about Restaurant U Pinkasů.

In fact, the Czech Republic has the highest per capita consumption of beer in the world.
If you walk outside, everyone is drinking from noon. I wonder when they are working lol.
Some people even put alcohol in plastic bottles and take them home with them.

This is the first restaurant I visited abroad.
Not too expensive for someone who doesn’t understand the language…? That was my first impression.
But I promised myself I would go.

The shop is also an old stone building, typical of the Czech Republic.

The menu was posted outside, but I didn’t know, so I had to go into the shop anyway, which was my style.

Entering the shop, one man is blunt.
At first, I greeted him.
As I found out later, greetings are very important in the Czech Republic. If you don’t say hello, you may not be taken seriously.

I don’t understand the language, so I tell them in Japanese and gestures that I want a beer.
Then they told me to sit down, so I did.

The beer arrived immediately. It was huge.

I don’t drink that much beer, but the first Czech beer I had here was just so easy to drink!
It was like a craft beer in Japan.

However, it is strong, so those who are weak may want to drink it slowly.
I guzzled it down without knowing it, so I was drunk afterwards and collapsed on a park chair.

I love the atmosphere of the restaurant.
My only regret is that they also seem to serve Czech food, which I wish I had tried.

Looking forward to the next time I go there.