Prague, Czech Republic. Buy tram and bus tickets.

Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. I first visited in June 2022.
It was my first time abroad and I had no information to gather.
It would be nice to go there after researching, but I might prefer to walk around while asking questions locally.

Travel from Prague airport to Prague.
There is a tram stop, but there was a mysterious stick.

I observe that they all go through and get on the tram.

I see. Is it like a free shuttle bus?
I mistakenly thought it was, and got on and went to Prague for the first time.

As I found out later, riding without paying is of course not allowed.

You need to buy a ticket here, insert it in the yellow area mentioned earlier and print it.
The system allows you to ride freely for the time of the ticket you bought, starting from the printed time.

Make sure you check the time before you ride!


Use the PID Lítačka app!

In Prague, there is an app, PID Lítačka, which allows users to purchase tram, bus and other transport tickets in Prague and Central Bohemia!

This is now an essential item.
It seems like it would be a good idea to change it at a ticket machine, but there are no ticket machines away from major stations.

There are no ticket machines…

I thought there would be one if I walked around, but there are no ticket vending machines at all.
But everyone was getting on, so I observed why and found the app.

If you register with a credit card or Apple Pay, you can buy tickets from the app at any time.
There are 72hr (3 days) available, so this is convenient for a short trip!

Easy to understand the time to the destination and where to board

There is also a function to search from here to there by From / To, so you can get to your destination by just looking at the screen.
For those who don’t know anything about it, this is a relief.

You can also purchase for your companion from a single app!

When riding with friends or family, one representative only needs to purchase the ticket.
When the person checking tickets comes along, show them the multiple tickets you have activated.

Can I active more tickets at the same time?

From one user account, it is possible to activate and use more tickets at once, for instance for your fellow travellers. Tickets are presented during check-in to loading separately.

Be careful when activating tickets!

Before boarding, tickets should be activated.
However, this activation is a little peculiar.

It takes ‘two minutes’ for the ticket to be validated.
This two-minute period seems to be a countermeasure against people who try to evade the fare by trying to issue it at the last minute in front of the ticket checkpoint.
However, buses entering from the front are an exception and the driver will check the validity of the ticket, so don’t worry about it.


It is useful when touring Prague and the surrounding Central Bohemian region.

The PID Lítačka app is only for Prague, so IDOS is useful when travelling around the Czech Republic!