[Czech Republic] Watching volleyball game in Kladno.

He was visiting for the purpose of giving his wife a taste of the Czech Republic.

It seems that there is a Japanese person, Imamura, who is active in Kladno, Czech Republic, and we decided to go there to cheer him up!

By the way, Kladno is a small town a little to the left of Prague.

My first sporting event in a foreign country was volleyball.
It was even more refreshing because I had never gone to watch anything other than baseball in Japan.

When I entered the venue, I saw the Cladno mark!

It’s so much fun that the game is over in a flash.

There were some touch-netting and other tense moments, but on the contrary, the audience was thrilled.

In the end, Imamura, who scored three consecutive goals, was the MVP! He was the MVP of the event!

There is a resident photographer at the venue, and he takes pictures of both players and spectators and interacts with them. Good looking guy.

It is amazing to see Japanese people who are active in foreign lands.
Keep up the good work!

By the way, the national sport of the Czech Republic seems to be ice hockey. I would like to go see it someday.