Privacy Policy

Information we obtain from you

This website acquires the following information from customers.

  • age
  • sex
  • Identification information generated using cookies
  • Information related to the OS and devices used by the customer, such as the ID generated by the OS, the type of device, and the device identifier
  • Usage history of our website, such as time spent on the website, input history, etc.

Purpose of using customer information

This website uses information obtained from customers for the following purposes.

  • For acceptance of registration related to this service, confirmation of customer identity, and authentication
  • To manage your usage history of this website
  • To analyze the customer’s action history on this website and use it for maintenance and improvement of this website
  • To distribute, display and measure the effectiveness of advertisements
  • To provide guidance regarding our services
  • To respond to inquiries from customers
  • To respond to acts that violate our terms or laws
  • To notify you of changes to this website, discontinuation of provision, termination, and cancellation of contracts
  • To notify you of our changes, etc.
  • In addition to the above, to provide, maintain, protect and improve our services

Third party provision

Of the information obtained from customers, this website may, with regard to personal data (Article 16, Paragraph 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act), disclose such information to third parties (outside of Japan) without obtaining the prior consent of the customer. (including any person).

  • When outsourcing the handling of personal data
  • If our company or our services are acquired
  • In the case of joint use with business partners (If there is a specific joint use, the details will be announced separately.)
  • Other cases where provision to a third party is legally permitted by law

Access analysis tool

This website uses “Google Analytics” for customer access analysis. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data. Traffic data is collected anonymously and is not personally identifiable. You can refuse to collect this information by disabling cookies. Please check your browser settings for details. For more information about Google Analytics, please see below.

Ad serving

This website contains advertisements provided by Google and its partners (third party distributors). We use cookies to serve ads, and serve ads based on your past visits to this website and other sites. Google and its partners use cookies to display relevant advertisements.

You can opt out of personalized ads from your Google account’s ad settings page below.

You can also visit to opt out of third-party vendor cookies used for personalized advertising. For more information on Google’s handling of cookies, please refer to Google’s policies and terms below.

Changes to privacy policy

This website will change the contents of this privacy policy as necessary. In this case, we will inform or notify the time and content of the revised privacy policy in an appropriate manner.


For inquiries, please contact the following e-mail address.


Kenichi Yamauchi

Established August 18, 2023