[Czech] I go to flea market. BLEŠÍ TRHY PRAHA.

I was approached and went to a Czech flea market.
In the Czech Republic, there is a culture of valuing old things. As you can see from the streets of the old town, it’s very beautiful.

The words written on the flea market are also beautiful: “A place where your unwanted things become another person’s treasures”!
If you have time when you come to the Czech Republic, try to feel the Czech Republic differently from sightseeing.

You pay an entrance fee to enter. (Was it about 500 yen?).
I was surprised to see so many people.

When you enter, there are lots of clothes for sale.


Maybe because it was winter. Gloves on parade!

There are super cheap clothes, good for sleepwear and so on.

Could there be hidden treasures? A wide range of antiques.
Dishes and other items that are no longer in regular use would be good here.

Massive amounts of meat!

Even vegetables are available.

Large quantities of potatoes at low prices! LOL!


There were also toys, shoes, car number plates, clocks, etc.
It is a place where you can get close to the Czech way of life, so I recommend a visit!

By the way, it is a flea market, so it is normal to bargain.
But only in Czech. LOL.