I went to Finland and Germany.

It is much more worthwhile to try, even if you fail, to realise your aspirations than to live a life in which you never try anything.

These are the words of Genki Takada, a favourite of mine.
This time I went to Finland and Germany to explore emigration.
I don’t know what the outcome will be.
But if you don’t go, you know the result.

It is your own actions that expand the possibilities.

So, in preparation for moving abroad, we said, “Let’s go abroad first!” and went abroad for the first time for his wife.

Where you go is important, but the number one thing is to make some contacts with local people.
In Helsinki, I became friends with a person living in Milan and said to her, “It’s a good time of year to visit. It’s too hot in Milan and the morning glories die. So now is the best time.” I could hear interesting topics of conversation.
I had a conversation with a café waitress for the first time in a foreign country.
I got lost and had a conversation with a lady behind me, who kindly told me what to do.
I don’t know what it was, but I got angry.
When I was on the train, a man who suddenly started playing the violin asked me for money.
I met Komiya-san, who lives in Germany, and was able to ask him about life in Germany.

Meeting people changed my trip into a four-city tour of two countries.

Being exposed to the kindness of the world makes you feel alive.

  • Enjoying inconvenience together
  • Go where you want to go freely
  • Make contact with local people, even if it’s thin

I think it is important to

It’s a good thing I don’t understand the language. Because I didn’t understand, I got to know the kindness of people.

Inconvenience is an advantage. His wife’s words made me feel that way.
The experience of being helped makes me feel like “it’s okay to stay here”.
People cannot live alone. I know that. I’m anxious. I need someone to help me.

That’s why I want to study the language and learn more about the culture.

The world is kind. I think we will move abroad in a few years time to say that it is.