If I become a non-resident, how will I be treated by Rakuten Securities?

Information as of August 2023.

We have confirmed with Rakuten Securities that, as a non-resident, the following applies.

  • Only Japanese equities and retail government bonds can be held.
  • Mutual funds, US equities and other instruments must be sold.

Basically, savings Nisa, which are mutual funds, are also cancelled.
However, it is possible to invest only in domestic stocks in a general Nisa. If the reason for leaving the country is unavoidable (e.g. company dispatch), it is possible, but if you leave on your own volition, as I did, it is not available.

In addition, if they have been in the country for more than one year and less than five years, they may be able to continue their accounts, such as mutual funds, by following the procedures.
(This is of course not possible if you are leaving the country yourself…)
As confirmed, if you have completed the departure procedure, you will not be able to trade, both buying and selling, during the period of your departure, regardless of your account category.
Therefore, you can hold but not trade.

It is a little sad that even though I am Japanese, I have to live in Japan to receive services.

Click here for instructions on how to close a general account.

  1. Sell all products you own.
  2. Mutual funds and savings set up, if any, are to be deactivated
  3. Withdraw foreign currency deposits and reduce them to zero yen.
  4. Go to My Menu > Basic Information, My Number, Accounts > ‘Apply to cancel your general account’.