[Results] Excel tables made convenient by web application.


I want to see tables organised in a matrix way in Excel on the web! I want it to be convenient! The table was made available for viewing on the web.


(technical) specification

The operator updates the Excel table and would like to be able to reflect this. The company was told that they would like to be able to reflect this information.
We discussed the costs and decided to respond as follows.

  • Convert Excel table to CSV
  • Upload CSV via FTP

This was done so that the operator could update it each time.

Excel table

Data are sample.

The results are found by referring to the overlap of the horizontal and vertical axes in a matrix manner.

The web application was conceived in such a way that the results of combining the vertical and horizontal axes could be expressed in an easy-to-understand way: products on the horizontal axis and chemicals on the vertical axis.

Web Applications

The horizontal axis is placed on the left and the vertical axis on the right, with each item being a check box.
Items checked horizontally and vertically are made to overlap, as in an Excel table.

In this way, the user only needs to tick the items they want to look up to immediately see the results, improving convenience.

demonstration environment

A demonstration environment is available here.



The server was placed on a rental server, so it was implemented using PHP.

It is important to think and rub together how far you can go with the schedule, cost and the feelings of both parties.