Get the publication schedule with the Contentful API.

Contentful has separate APIs for different purposes.
If you want to obtain scheduling relationships such as publishing schedules from Contentful, use Scheduled Actions in the Content Management API.

A JavaScript SDK is provided, so this article describes how to use it.


Installing the JavaScript SDK

Install contentful-management.

npm install contentful-management

Obtaining environmental information

Obtain Contentful environmental information in advance.

<accessToken>Generate Personal access tokens.
The official website is here.
<spaceId>Get the space id. Go to the space page and get it from the URL.<spaceId>/home
<environtmentId>get from Contentful Page > Settings > Environments

Obtaining a list of schedules to be published

Specify scheduled in the sys.status to be specified to obtain the schedule to be published.

  const contentful = require("contentful-management");

  const client = contentful.createClient({
    accessToken: <accessToken>,

  const space = await client.getSpace(<spaceId>);
  return space.getScheduledActions({
    "": <environmentId>,
    "sys.status": "scheduled",

We recommend reading the GitHub as it contains information on how to use the system and how to retrieve the data.